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Monday, February 24, 2014

ABP (ArenaBall Philippines) League Teams

Im not sure but you've probably heard about Arena Ball Philippines? They're one of the leagues that popularized American Football, or Tackle Football, or Gridiron Football (what ever you call this sport) here in the Philippines. Anyways, ABP started with 4 teams but now they have 5.  Check out the post below to see the teams.

“The Bandits”. The no loss team this previous ABP’s season 4. Bandits, made up of talented as well as veteran players. No questions that they’re still the ABP’s League Champion. They're getting stronger and tougher every season.

“The Juggernauts”. Also a great team. Have made it to the ABP Finals four years in a row and each time inching their way closer and closer to a victory.

“The Rebels”. Being the ABP Season 3 champion was almost at their hands. Watch out for this HARD HITTING players. Rebels is young team. Similar to a movie The Replacements, almost talented players are replaced by the rookies last Season 4.

“The Wolves”. Raised by Wolves to hunt and howl… After being silent for 3 years, the wolves blast this past season 4. They did a great job.

“The Knights”. A rookie this ABP Season 4. The only team that have a “Ferrari” (I’m talking to a person lol) the fastest runners in the league belongs to this team. (Philippine Track players) the hell haha!

...As far as I know, there's also a team outside ABP. Like the Butuan Lawins, the Iloilo Warriors and the Southern Spikes-Davao City American Football team. For interested players who wants to try-out for this ABP teams you can check this facebook site ArenaBall Philippnes. And if you want for the Rebels team, you can send me a message.

photos credits to Jun Muyco, Ambetchi Odulio and ArenaBall Phils

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