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Tackle Football Philippines is a new blog dedicated to being the best resource and aggregator of information about American Football here in the Philippines. Tackle Football Philippines is founded February 2014 by two individuals who shares the same mission of promoting the sport in the country and the vision of becoming the primary resource of information with regards to American Football or Tackle Football. One of the individual is a player of one of the teams participating in ABP (Arenaball Philippines) and the other one is a techie guy who have experience in creating website and the nitty-gritty of running one.

American football is fairly new and becoming a trend sport here in the Philippines, thus we are committed to bringing the latest news, the best football product reviews, upcoming game schedules, and any information in between. 

Currently, we don't have any association to any Official Group, Personalities and Sponsors but we are working on that one.

Stay tuned :)

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