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Thursday, May 22, 2014

ABP Season 5 Draft rules

ABP DRAFT RULES (as agreed upon at the May 21st Captains Meeting) 
1. Champion team (Bandits) can add max of 6 new names from team recruitment
2. 2nd Placer (Juggernauts) can add max of 9 new names from team recruitment
3. 3rd Placer (Wolves) can add max of 12 new names from team recruitment
4. 4th Placer (Rebels) can add max of 15 new names from team recruitment
5. Expansion Team (Knights) can add unlimited new names from team recruitment
6. All non-ABP MEMBERS who were part of the National Team Pilipinas Aguilas officially or unofficially as player, coach, trainer or staff shall enter in the ABP Draft.
7. ABP Tryouts/Training Camp for newbies starts June 6 and ends July 19.
8. Aside from the team recruitments there will be a Draft from those entering the ABP Tryouts/Training Camp. ABP Draft Day is July 26.
9. Order of lottery pick is as follows:
  • 5th placer 
  • 4th placer 
  • 3rd placer 
  • 2nd placer 
  • 1st placer 
10. Multiple round robin until all teams end their picks.

11. If a team passed on a round then that team cannot pick anymore.
12. If a current player decides to leave his previous team, then he will automatically join the Draft.
13. Any player who enters after the Draft Day shall be raffled to the expansion team/s only.
14. All new players must be from the team recruitment or from the Draft or from the raffle.

1. May 30: Submission of minimum of 20 veteran names (from Seasons 1 .4)
2. June 7, 14, 21, 28, July 5, 12 & 19: ABP Tryouts/Training Camp for Draft eligibility
3. July 26: 1st ABP Draft Day
4. July 27 - Aug 26: Late entries eligible for expansion team/s only
5. Sept 6: Jamboree Game
6. Sept 10, 2359 hrs: Submission of Final 45-Man Roster
7. Sept 20: Season 5 Week 1
8. Jan 24, 2015: ArenaBowl 5

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