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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What is AFFP and how it started

We've covered before the difference between ABP and AFFP. We now know that the two leagues are created by different people. They have their own teams and they have their own leagues. But they both have the common goal of introducing and teaching and making the American Football mainstream here in the Philippines. Surely though, they both have their own unique reason as why they are a separate group.

Lets find out how AFFP started.

Tim Beasly and AFFP

I've contacted Tim of AFFP to get information about AFFP as their are few details that can be found in the internet. Here is what he has to say :
I will only speak on behalf of AFFP since media has a tendency of twisting our words around about what we say in regards to the other organization.

AFFP was created in late 2011 after recognizing that there was a need to teach Filipinos how to play American Football.  Since American Football is relatively new to the Philippines, most don’t know how to play properly or even understand basic fundamentals and proper technique. Some didn’t even know how to put on equipment or what some of the equipment was used for.  Out of identifying the needs, we created a team (Philippine Punishers) to compete at an International Level against other countries that were in the learning stages of the game as well.  In our first year of competition, we were able to play to a 4-1 record in our first year in 2012.  In order to keep the team successful in International competition, we created the American Football Developmental League Philippines (AFDL) as a farm league to help keep training our players until we were ready for the more international game and to help new players that were interested in playing learn through mentorships.  We have about 5 certified coaches within our organization.  Last year, we created a women’s team (Philippine Valkyries) so women will be able to learn to play as well.

The GFLP was created by Glenn Jolla to serve the Subic and Olongapo area.

Is there a rift with ABP ?

One of the striking message is this one :
I will only speak on behalf of AFFP since media has a tendency of twisting our words around about what we say in regards to the other organization.
Why? because prior to communicating with Tim Beasly, I've read an article from the internet which looks like something bad is going on between ABP and AFFP.

See references on

And one very good example of that is this article from Philippine Inquirer
The Atfap is a carpetbagger, says the American Football Federation of the Philippines, led by Tim Beasley and his Filipino wife Desiree.

It seems that the Beasley camp couldn’t enjoy life under a white flag. Desiree slams the Atfap every chance she gets.
We don't know yet how accurate this quotations are. Tim is correct, sometimes media has this tendency of twisting words just to get the attention of the readers. But, we (Tackle Football Philippines) don't also discount the fact that this might also be true.

True or not, I just hope one day, the two leagues merge into one big Football tournament.

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